Rank Xerox

My first UI design job after my Masters in ergonomics was at the Industrial Design and Human Factors department at Rank Xerox. It was to gather requirements for a user interface design tool. The tool that we developed was Mac based. It replaced Trillium which was a PARC designed tool that ran on Xerox Lisp machines. The chip running the copier was a derivative of the Z80. The display was character based, not bitmap. The tool would generate custom characters for each bitmap in the design.
The UI design tool was used for generating the screens for the advanced options in the copier UI. The basic functions were presented using a conventional hardware UI.
Crossbow (the code name for the 5350) was a Xerox version of a Fuji Xerox product. It had different paper handler options and a new control panel with a 480×200 touch screen LCD.