On Premise Network Reporting Tool



This project was a on premise network information collector and report generator. It was interesting as the users of the tool were network support engineers (NSEs). They were unfamiliar with the tool and it’s implementation and they were in an environment where support for the tool was hard to obtain. Typically the tool was installed in a highly secure networking environment with no internet access and no phone access. In my presentation I decided to use the analogy of the lunar landings, which were basically geological expeditions conducted by air force pilots.  I hypothesized that what were were asking of the NSE was something similar to what NASA asked of their astronauts. However, in our case were were giving the NSEs no training, but still expected them to be successful.

Conceptual Model

The primary objects and associations. In terms of implementation, there were three different systems. The data collector and two different report generators.


Some slides that show the methodology and final design options.
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Home Screen

Home screen, showing reports that have been run, device status, main tasks, system status, and current operations.

Status Screen


Devices Screen

Flow Charts

Before and after flow charts, showing the reduction in the number of steps for the main use case of collecting the network device data and running the two reports.
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